Bella Invictus — the Beautiful, Unconquerable Soul

Welcome to Bella Invictus — a partnership of two women committed to addressing the psychological, social and political challenges found in our society today. The partners have over twenty years each of non-profit, education and social justice experience addressing issues of at-risk and marginalized youth, domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Both work to address all of these social challenges through a lens of understanding intersections of race, class, gender and how we hold and use power– both personal and political.

At Bella Invictus, we seek to assist in the awakening of the individual and the organization by using various healing modalities. Both Ellyn and Stacey are trained social workers, healers, writers, and artists.

Bella Invictus consulting and training services are available to educational institutions, organizations and businesses wanting to created a more equitable and healthy environment.

Bella Invictus coaching services are available to individuals and organizations.

References are available upon request.

Please contact us at bella.invictus@gmail.com