Singing with the Sirens

photo 1(2)The sexual exploitation and abuse of girls and young women is an increasing problem throughout the world. With metaphors of goddesses and sea creatures as guides; this inspiring book addresses the long term challenges faced by adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation and embarks upon a healing journey from within and reclamation of personal voice and power.

Numerous women in our culture have experienced shame, degradation, and despair as a result of having been sexually traumatized early in life. Some of these women end up in unhappy marriages or abusive relationships; some fall prey to a variety of addictions, silently or publicly; and some find themselves working in the sex industry. And for many survivors, their situations—and the situations that have brought them there—are secrets that have no voice.

In Singing with the Sirens, experts Ellyn Bell and Stacey Bell address the long term complex trauma that results from the sexual abuse and exploitation of girls and young women, drawing on their personal and professional experiences to explore the link between the sexual abuse of children, issues of attachment and safety, and the commercial exploitation of young people. But this is not strictly a scholarly book or a memoir of personal experience; rather, the authors address this problem from a perspective of self-realization and transformation, taking the reader on a journey through mythological tales toward finding healing from within. Poetic, hopeful, and powerful, Singing with the Sirens is a call for wounded women everywhere to reclaim their own truth, spirit, and to sing with their authentic voice.

  • 1 out of 3 women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime. 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives, and approximately 33 million adults in the US admit that they have been victimized within a relationship.
  • The sex industry and issues of human (sex) trafficking are regularly conflated in our culture by many people including service providers, faith-based groups, and numerous well-meaning people who don’t understand the intricacies and nuances of the issue and its ties to other forms of power, abuse and oppression. This book assists in breaking down those barriers and obstacles to understanding.
  • The commercial sexual exploitation of minors is at an all-time high with the Internet being a tool of assisting in the buying and selling of sex. It is important that the public understand the complexities that exist around sexual exploitation—commercial and non-commercial.

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