Who We Are

…about Ellyn & Stacey
Stacey Bell was born and raised in the United Kingdom. After suffering abuse as a child, she immigrated to the US at the age of sixteen and became exposed to exploitation and other traumas. Today, Stacey serves young people as the Youth Development Director for an urban school district in Northern California. She has a Masters in Social Work and is in the process of completing her doctorate in International Multicultural Education with an emphasis in Human Rights Education. She is a partner at Bella Invictus with Ellyn Bell.
Ellyn Bell has worked as an organizational leader with at-risk and marginalized youth and addressing violence against women and children for the the past 25 years. Her personal experiences as a youth informed her career choices. She was most recently, the Executive Director of the SAGE Project in San Francisco, one of the first peer-led organizations in the country to work with human trafficking and commercially exploited youth and adults. She holds a Master’s Degree in Religion, with an emphasis in Theology. She also received her social work license in the State of Iowa. Ellyn is also a yoga teacher and a trained dancer.